Josephine Sillars – Ripped from the Wire Spine EP

Josephine Sillars – Ripped from the Wire Spine EP

Young Highland singer-songwriter Josephine Sillars has released her debut EP, ‘Ripped from the Wire Spine’.

Josephine SillarsThe EP captures Josephine’s quirky style beautifully; a refreshing debut that makes her stand out from the crowd, certainly in these Northern plains anyway.

Her music has a direct approach with the lyrics taking centre stage, wrapped in her accomplished almost Ben Folds style with a nod to Regina Spektor (who she has stated as being an influence).  Tracks like You (Are Not The Reason), is a crushingly simple yet charming address to a former flame.  The lyrics on the EP and indeed the musical delivery all point to someone much older than 19 year old Josephine.

Glasgow based Josephine is very much at the start of her musical journey in terms of releasing material and performing.  If she can continue to go from strength to strength she is capable of delivering greatness.  I can’t help but imagine a breezy theatrical performance to match her unique and utterly refreshing style.

You can buy Ripped From The Wire Spine via iTunes.