The Youth & Young – Gestures

The Youth & Young – Gestures

The Youth & Young release their debut album Gestures.

The Youth & Young are surely one of Scotland’s most underrated and least talked about bands.  Quite why they still appear to be under the radar is a mystery.  Just Google them and you’ll find surprisingly little about this seven headed wonder.  Maybe it’s because they’ve spent  a fair bit of time away crafting a stirring new album?

Gestures is a collection of eight well crafted and well produced indie-folk songs with oozing with delicate strings and widescreen melodies.

“Every Atom of Me” is a cinematic, ambient and majestic opening track that leads into the  driving and anthemic “Escher Drawn” with it’s sheering guitars.  Then there’s the beautiful “Whispers” with swelling strings that build and ripple against distorted guitars and crashing drums.  It’s primarily a folk album and will probably be pigeon holed as such, but it’s one that rocks out too.  “Little Sky” is not a million miles away from sounding like Frightened Rabbit or Admiral Fallow proving that The Youth & Young can pack a punch as weighty as such established artists.

It’s an impeccably executed collection of songs and Gestures could be the catalyst to propel this band.

GesturesGestures is available to buy at and also features the unique and beautiful tones of Aberdeen singer songwriter Cara Mitchell.

Here’s a live version of “Whispers” recorded for Nestounds in 2014.