Miracle Glass Company – 3 voices, 3 singles, 3 months

Miracle Glass Company – 3 voices, 3 singles, 3 months

When I first heard Edinburgh’s Miracle Glass Company in Mad Hatters last summer, I turned to my partner and commented that we were listening to the ‘bastard offspring of The Beatles and Canned Heat’. It was a compliment, worded through several glasses of red wine and sambuca chasers, and meant to capture the mixture of 60s pop, fuzzy psychedelic riffs and perfect 3-part harmonies that we were being treated to.

Miracle Glass Company

My enjoyment of the gig and enthusiasm for a sound that I had not recently heard many bands experimenting with led to one of my first live reviews for Netsounds and a mental note to keep an eye and ear out for them in the future.

It’s almost a year on and with producer Owen Morris on-board and 3 singles and an album poised to hit the shelves I was more than ready for a preview of how much of their exciting live sound had been captured in the studio.

Under a banner of ‘3 voices – 3 singles – 3 months’ the band – guitarist Austen George, bassist William Douglas and drummer Andy Duncan each take a turn on lead vocals for ‘Higher than High’ (released 3 May), ‘Big Beat’ (3rd June) and ‘The Hidden Light’ (3rd July) which, along with the rest of the tracks which make up their soon to be released debut album, also feature the bands stunning harmonies.

The album itself captures most of the features of their live show that first drew me in – the well crafted songs, the shared vocal duties, those harmonies (I really can’t emphasise how well their voices work together) and the occasional feeling that a freak-out jam could break out at any time.

What they have managed is to create an intriguing mix of indie-rock/pop songs with a psychedelic fringe that owe more than a nod to The Beatles ‘Revolver’ and some of the Britpop luminaries whose sound that Owen Morris helped shaped in the mid-90s.

That’s not to say that Miracle Glass Company are mere throwbacks as they are very much for now and can sit nicely alongside the modern psychedelic rock revival already in swing this past year or so.

With the release of the LP set for July, which will unleash songs like ‘Miss Rain’ and ‘Little Country Thing’ on the public, as well a a reworked version of their first single ‘Turnaround’ which has evolved into an almost mash-up like homage to ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ there could be a very bright future ahead of them.

This year has seen a well received support slot on The Bluetones tour and an increasing buzz amongst bloggers about the band and with some exposure, this is a group who should grab your ears attention in the coming months of summer and beyond.

Miracle Glass Company will be appearing at Inverness’ Deano’s bar as part of XpoNorth on Thursday 9th June and have just been announced for the T Break stage at this years T In The Park.

You can also hear Big Beat on our latest podcast.


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