Takeover Playlist by Posable Action Figures

Takeover Playlist by Posable Action Figures

Every month we hand over a virtual blank tape to an invited guest and ask them to curate their own unique mixtape.  The latest selection comes from Edinburgh based electro pop-rock duo, Posable Action Figures.

Posable Action Figures are Gareth Goodly (vocals, guitars) and John Alexander (drums, samples, backing vocals).

After a lengthy period of writing and rehearsing in their basement in Leith they released their debut self titled EP in April 2016.  It’s a marvellous punchy and energetic pop release that made people sit up and listen including BBC Scotland’s Vic Galloway who has tipped them as one his “ones to watch” in 2017.  The video for their new single, “Cut” is premiering here on Netsounds.

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Click on the player below to listen to Gareth and John’s playlist and read about the selections in their very own words.

Press play and let it run.


1. Mt Doubt – Afterglow 
It was Netsounds that introduced me to Mt Doubt when we were both included on the same podcast earlier in the year. We’ve narrowly missed seeing them live at both Xpo North and Bute Fest when we played on different days but I’m sure we’ll see them soon.

2. All The Franklins – Dreams 
I grew up in a tiny little village called Crawfordjohn and went to a school with only 20 people at it but despite our size it seems like we create a lot of musicians and Jamie and Euan Graham who make up half of All The Franklins are two of them. I’ve always really liked this track from the moment one of my friends played me it.

3. SKJØR – Self Control 
A great young band from Edinburgh and this is their latest single.  Rebecca Anderson and Cameron Bradley who until recently were SKJØR’s rhythm section have both been smuggled into PAF gigs whilst underage by pretending to roady for us. They’re both off to do their own thing but SKJØR are still worth checking out.

4. Bloodlines – Skeletons 
First bumped into these guys at Xpo North but were lucky enough to support them when they came to Edinburgh later in the year.  They put on a hell of a show and deservedly won ‘Best Live Act’ at the SAMA’s. I don’t know how you could fail to be won over by the sheer ferocity of this track.

5. Posable Action Figures – Cut
It’s our newest single…

6. Foreignfox – Monsoon
These guys asked us to support them at their single launch for ‘Monsoon’ earlier this year, before we had ever played a show, they had seen our first music video and assumed that we didn’t suck which was nice of them. Now being my usual hateful self I hadn’t bothered to listen to them before they set foot on stage, I was completely blown away, and have loved them ever since.

7. Stillhound – Time Enough For Love
Not so long ago there once was a band called Discopolis, and they where just the best bunch of dudes, crazy talented and could write a catchy tune… Now they are called Stillhound.


8. SHVLLOWS – Zurich
Played a show together recently and loved them, I also shot the music video for this track, it was a blast

9. E M I L I E – Lost
I have yet to catch her live, but her music is very moving, and her voice is amazing

10. The Little Kicks – Goodbye Enemies Hello Friends
OH MY GOD LISTEN TO THEM…why are you still reading this?

To support the release of the new single and video, the band are heading out on tour across Scotland this April.

Posable Action Figures tour